We are Croatia pilot, company that provides service of harbour pilotage in the area of Rijeka and Senj Port Authority and coastal pilotage for entire Adriatic

About us

Experience, safety and quality

Experienced pilots

From 1997. we ensure 24/7 availability of pilotage service. Our team consist of 11 experienced pilots approved and certified with a solid background from merchant marine and 11 employees (dispatchers, pilot boat skippers and administration)

We are member of CMPA (Croatian Member Pilot Association) and EMPA (European Member of Pilot Association).

Approved pilotage rate by Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure

Quality management

By accepting responsibility for the safety of maritime transport, we have become aware of the importance of continuous improvement of the quality of our service.

Croatia pilot management system is in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 issued by Lloyd Register Quality Assurance from year 2001. From year 2018. we possess ISO 9001:2015 certificate in all of our activities. The high quality of our services is ensured by our efficient quality assurance systems and quality control carried out by highly experienced professionals.

As part of the provision of pilotage service, we single out the following specific operations:

Ship to Ship operations at LNG FSRU Terminal Omisalj

Mediterranean mooring at INA Bakar terminal berth #3

Pilotage of Ultra large container carriers at the Container terminal Brajdica

Pilotage, docking and undocking vessels inside shipyard´s basin

Compulsory coastal pilotage for tankers of 40000 GT and more

Equipment / Pilot boat


Dimensions: 13,28 x 3,85 meters

Engines: 2 x 316,5 kW

Max speed: 24 knots

Equipment / Pilot boat


Dimensions: 11,20 x 3,10 meters

Engines: 2 x 206 kW

Max speed: 24 knots

Equipment / Pilot boat

Sabatia I

Dimensions: 9,63 x 3,30 meters

Engines: 2 x 206 kW

Max speed: 22 knots

Equipment / Aid to navigation

Channel Pilot MK3

Channel Pilot is a highly accurate and reliable source of data for maritime pilots, an outstanding aid to navigation

Kvarner Bay
Coastal pilotage